Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Sophie

My Sophie is now 4 years old! Can you believe it? I cant.  Where did all the time go?
If you haven't picked up on it, Sophie is really into Hello Kitty.  Kyle made her this cute poster! He is such a good dad.  He surprised us all with it and Daxton immediately said, "wheres mine dad?" Although he wants, can you guess, a spider man one!  I freely admit that baking is not my strong point so this year we went with the Panaca Market, I thought they did a pretty good job.  I know Hello Kitty doesn't really have a mouth but it just felt like it was missing something, so Kyle gave it a candle smile! Perfect!
She got spoiled as usual!

Happy Birthday to my little spit fire! I love you so much and cant wait to see what the years have in store for you. 

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2012!
Isn't he one of the cutest little monsters you've ever seen!?!
In case you are wondering, she is a cupcake.  She had the cutest cherry hat, but it didn't last long.  I must say she is also one of the cutest little cupcakes that I have ever seen!
Here is my beautiful princess bride!!  Rapunzel to be exact! Her hair is long enough to be Rapunzel, I keep offering to cut it for her but she is not ready yet.  
Then there is my little pumpkin! Now is not she the cutest little pumpkin ever!! My mom bought me this outfit for Paislee, she couldn't resist the cuteness! I must say she did a great job, I loved it! Sadly the picture just doesn't show off her skinny little legs.  With those tights on they were so cute.

The crew!
They are all trying to give her a kiss, poor Paislee is usually smothered like this.
We had a great Halloween.  Kyle and his dad took the kids around town and Shonna, Paislee and I stayed home and passed out the candy.  Although Paul and Shonna go all out and this year handed out a pop and a full size candy.  Kids in Pioche are totally spoiled by everyone.  We still have the BIGGEST bag of candy ever and I feel obliged to help the kids eat it all.

Baby Shower

So my sweet friends out here wanted to give me a baby shower. They had it all planned and ready to go and then Paislee decided to come three weeks early. It kind of messed up all of their plans. They decided they were going to have one anyways. So Paislee got to attend her own baby shower.
Thanks ladies!

This is Paislee's Great Aunt and Great Grandma.

 We got some great loot!
Paislee's Great Grandma "D" crocheted this blessing dress for her along with a bonnet and some shoes.  It is the prettiest thing ever! She is so lucky to have this as an heirloom!
We are blessed to be around some great people who are so kind and giving, and would do anything for you. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paislee Belle

So since Paislee is our last baby, I figured why not go all out and have a little fun with some baby pictures.  Luckily I found a lady in Caliente who does a great job! Paislee is 17 days old in these pictures.  The photographer was so good, she was super patient.  Paislee did not want to cooperate and did not like being bugged when she was sleeping.  Honestly I was ready to give up after the first hour but she refused to give up and kept working with her.  I think Paislee is going to have a pretty strong will because she worked with her for another 3 hours!  So 4 hours altogether! I am grateful she was so patient because we got some way cute pictures out of it.  I just put some of them up.  These are my more favorite ones although there really wasn't any that I didn't like.   Hopefully Paislee can cherise these as she gets older.

She is such a cutie! I am so grateful for the little angle, she is such a good baby and brings so much love and joy into our little family!
Paislee Belle Donohue
September 5, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012


Our apple tree was loaded this year!! Kyle and the girls spent the day picking apples. They had a lot of fun. 
This is the tree after they picked all the apples they could.
 I told Kyle two and a half buckets of apples were plenty of apples for us. 
Funny story, he left the apples on the porch overnight.  Before we went to bed I told him he should bring in the apples so the deer wont eat them.  He said,"Oh, it'll be fine." Well the next morning one of the buckets was tipped over and the deer had eaten half of them.  I tried to tell him! If anybody in the area wants some apples let me know, we have plenty!

School pictures 2012

Bailey First Grade

Baileys First Grade Class

 Sophie PreSchool
Sophies PreSchool Class

Friday, September 21, 2012



Paislee Belle
September 5, 2012
6 lbs. 15 oz.
19 1/2 in.